February 25, 2011

The Club

The club is busy. There is much to see. People in various states of undress are all around. A tall thin man, wearing only a simple pair of blue jeans, is paraded around the club by an even taller brunette wearing 6 inch stiletto boots. His bare feet move quickly across the cold cement floor as she leads him by a 3 foot chain leash, attached to the leather studded collar that is fastened securely around his neck. A beautiful petite woman with an athletic shape is standing on the center of a thin mat. Her arms are crossed in front of her. She gazes at the man expectantly as he expertly winds the rope across and around her body. The bright flash of light catches my attention from the far corner. I watch as a tall heavy man runs a flame tipped wand between the center of a woman’s breasts.

Suddenly my collar bites into my neck as it is tugged sharply by my Sir, bringing my attention back to where it belongs. Him. My knees are beginning to ache from the hard floor. I feel the tingling sensation in my feet and toes from the lack of blood flow due to my awkward position. I stare up into his eyes, envying him for being able to sit on the warm soft sofa. His voice floats down to me, strong and demanding, instructing me to stand up. Grateful, I stand slowly, feeling the blood rush down my legs, causing a sudden surge of pins and needles to spread all the way up to my thighs. As I stretch, I’m again distracted by the scenery around me. Until I hear him speak again, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Take off your panties”, he says in a firm voice. I’m wearing a black dress, goth style. The short skirt flares out over my hips, barely covering my ass. The top has an overlay that resembles a corset. It is tight. So tight I can’t fully take a breath and it pushes my breasts up and out. I stare at him stupidly as I concentrate on breathing. He repeats, “Take off your panties”, a warning tone in his voice telling me that if I delay any longer, I will regret it. I glance around self consciously and reach up under my dress, hooking my thumbs around the edge of my soft blue cotton panties. I look into his eyes as I bend at the waist, pulling my panties down my legs. I step out of them clumsily as they get caught on my high heeled boots. Embarrassed, I free them and stand quickly, palming the panties into a tight ball in my fist, trying to hide them from the prying eyes of those nearby.

“Put them into your mouth”. I stare at him in horror. He must be kidding. I couldn’t have heard him right. I watch as his eyebrows arch and I realize that he is waiting for me to obey. It will be worse if I anger him. A single tear slides lazily down my cheek. People will see. They will see me stuffing my mouth with my own panties. I feel humiliated and embarrassed. “Do it. Now”. I swallow hard as I feel another tear trickle down an identical path on the other cheek. I take a deep breath and quickly push the panties into my mouth. I lower my head so my hair hangs down over face, trying to hide. Another tug on the leash. This one more gentle, pulling me as I bend at the waist until I am face to face with Sir. I’m feeling even more humiliated, the edges of my panties hanging out of my mouth, my ass bared for all to see as I stand there bent over. He kisses the tip of my nose and then pulls me down over his lap. I close my eyes as I settle in, face down.

I feel his warm calloused hand touch the back of my knee, his fingers squeezing slightly as he slowly glides his hand up the back of my thigh. I feel a sudden draft as the short skirt is flipped up, exposing my bare ass. My head is lifted as his fingers wind their way through my hair and pull. My eyes catch those of a stranger standing a short distance away just as his hand sharply smacks my ass. I feel a wet warmth between my legs. I’m embarrassed. I’m turned on by the humiliation. This embarrasses me farther.

He continues to spank me, his hand falling into the same rhythm of the bass coming from the stereo. I begin to arch my back, lifting my ass up to meet the palm of his hand. I’m no longer embarrassed. I’m no longer aware of the others in the club. The only thing I’m aware of, is the sweet ecstasy, the sweet pleasure only He can give me.

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