October 29, 2010

Home Alone

This has been one crazy hectic week. My job is consuming me to the point that I can't seem to get anything done at home. Luckily my husband and I are on the same work schedule so we've at least managed to sneak in some good quality time together, even if it's for only short periods at a time. Getting in that time with my Sir is proving to be a challenge. We've managed to coordinate our schedules to allow us to at least eat dinner together approximately once a week. Twice if we're lucky. There is barely enough time for a daily phone call.

That's part of the reason I was looking forward to tonight. We had made plans to rent a movie, order a pizza, and just curl up on the sofa together. I know that doesn't sound very exciting. But we have not had any alone time together in a long time. We both miss it. Tremendously. And I'm quite sure that it would have led to some fun playtime as well.

It seems as though we are beginning to have some difficulties communicating effectively. I waited for him to call me. He was waiting for me to call him. By 8pm, I left my house to go rent a movie and called and left him a message while I was on the way. He returned my call just as I was about to pay for the movie. Turns out, he figured I wasn't going to call so he went ahead and got something to eat and was on his way home to go to bed!

I didn't stay on the phone for more than a minute after that. I was just too upset to talk. I had been looking forward to tonight all week. As I drove home, I was sad, and all I could think about was how badly I was craving some playtime. I long to feel the sharp sting of the cane, the dull heavy thud of the flogger, and the hard impact of the slapper. I was looking forward to that sore reminder the next day of a wonderful play session. ~sigh~

I'm hoping Sir and I can get in some quality time soon. I'm beginning to worry about what will happen if we can't find enough time for each other. I'm worried we will soon start to drift apart. I know it will happen one day. But I'm just not ready for it now.

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