October 14, 2010

Me? Write a Blog?

I've never been much of a writer. Actually, I've always hated being made to write. You know, like when you had a class assignment, were given a topic, and told to write an essay or whatever it is that was wanted. I despised it. I always sat there, my mind completely blank, getting more and more frustrated by the minute.  And whatever finally came out was stupid. Completely and utterly stupid.

I'm hoping this is going to be different. I used to keep a diary as a kid. The words just flowed as the thoughts raced through my mind. It was like therapy in a way. I always felt better afterward. And I am a part of a few social networking sites. I know, unique right? Anyway, I'm told by friends that I am very eloquent with words. And I find that I can express myself better when communicating via email or writing a letter versus talking face to face. I'm not the greatest at forming the words when speaking that truly conveys what I mean or how I'm feeling. So hopefully this blog won't be a complete and utter failure. And by failure, I mean that I personally don't achieve a sense of satisfaction from it. I don't ever expect others to be interested enough to actually read it. At least, that's not my goal here.

Anyway, I'll be back another evening. I need to get some sleep.

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