October 18, 2010

Blissfully sore

Sunday was awful. Beyond awful. That's what I get for being depressed and moody over my bad day at work on Friday. I'm not sure how much more of this teenage rebellion I can take. Anyway, that's a discussion for another day. Today, I don't want to even think about that. I'd much rather bask in the memory of Sunday night.

So I arrive home in the evening, majorly stressed and literally shaking because I was so upset. My husband had a drink in hand awaiting my arrival (and it was a double bless him). I rant and rave for a few minutes while downing my drink, then call my Sir to update him about what was going on. In the meantime I finished my drink and just as quickly, hubby was preparing a second one for me. Now mind you, I'm not much of a drinker, mostly just a casual social drinker, or the occasional need to wind down after a stressful day kind of drinker. So after that double, I was kind of already well on my way to being buzzed pretty good.

So my Sir mentions he hasn't eaten yet. So I'm all like, "Well come on over! I'LL cook you dinner!". And even promised not to burn it (I'm not much of a cook). He hesitated a bit, so I let him talk to hubby who assured him that he was perfectly fine with him coming over. I realize as I'm cutting veggies for the stir fry, that I'm pretty darned buzzed and briefly wondered if maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. Oh well, too late to back out now. Luckily I didn't burn anything, myself included, and everyone had a nice full belly after supper.

Now, I'm still pretty distressed about the events that took place earlier, but I did start to relax a bit. After a period of some nice conversation, I found myself engaged in a bit of struggle play with both Sir and hubby!! There was lots of laughter, tickling, and wrestling. I lost of course (that's only a technicality, I always feel like the winner), but I certainly did enjoy being "bad" and what was even more enjoyable was the hard spanking and caning that followed! EXACTLY what I needed! I not only got to enjoy some playtime (which is a rarity these days due to hectic family and work schedules) but I also got to enjoy some nice cuddle time with me on my knees at Sir's feet and my head resting on his lap. I soooo love this. I was so content and happy by the end of the night, and so relaxed I literally felt like a wet noodle.

Today I'm still reeling in the events of the weekend, but I'm also relishing the soreness, my reminder of our play session and  much needed time together. It's like Sir reads my mind sometimes, and knows exactly what I need. And many many thanks to my wonderful husband, who is being so understanding as he learns about the lifestyle, and who is accommodating and willing to explore this lifestyle with me. I feel so blessed to have these two wonderful men in my life.


DauntlessVitality said...

This is definitely a very interesting dynamic you have going on with your husband and Sir. Quite unique, but at the same time it seems to work for all of you. It's good that your husband can be this open-minded and understanding. Kudos to all of you!


k!nkyNurse said...

Thank you Dauntless. It is definitely unique, and there is quite a story behind it. I'm realistic in knowing that our situation is not permanent, but am hoping for it to be more on the long term side. Meanwhile, I will enjoy while I can =)