June 9, 2011


My husband and I are home from our weekend long, first BDSM event together. We had an absolutely fabulous time! I am so happy to report that despite his reservations, he kept an open mind....... and actually enjoyed himself!!

As we were driving into the campground I was getting very nervous. I looked at my husband and asked him, "Please just keep an open mind honey". Upon arrival we registered, and picked our chores. We picked the first chore available to get our 2 hours of duty out of the way with so we could do whatever we wanted the rest of the weekend. We promptly headed down to our cabin to get settled in.

There were only 4 other couples in the cabin with us. As we were unpacking, he was facing toward me, his back to the door. I watched quietly as one of our cabin mates slowly stripped all of her clothes off before placing her collar around her neck. I was quietly laughing to myself as I imagined my husband's reaction when he turned around. I have to admit, when he turned around at last, he masked his reaction quite well! As conservative as he is, you'd have never guessed that this was his first real exposure to being around people that were so uninhibited. We pulled 3 twin size beds together to make one large one, and after having gotten the bed made, we reported for chore duty.

We finally met up with my Sir in time for dinner. He had arrived shortly after us, and managed to get a chore slot at the same time so we were all free for the entire weekend. There were lots of firsts for not just my husband, but for me as well.

We watched a fire show with lots of fire spinning and fire breathing. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed this considering he loves fire. There was a "sampler circuit" where they had many different areas set up that was manned by a top who was experienced in that particular area. You could go around and watch, talk to the tops and learn, or experience something that you had always wanted to try.

I couldn't believe it, but Hubby was absolutely fascinated by the signal whip. The same man was demonstrating as from last years camp, and with some prodding from Hubby and Sir, I took my turn. It was a cold night so I was fully dressed, but wanted so badly to remove my shirt. I've gained a few pounds and was just feeling too self conscious to though. My husband had the biggest smile on his face as he watched first my back, then my breasts get whipped with the 6 foot single tail whip. Afterwards, I lifted my shirt to proudly show him the marks left on my breasts. We mostly walked around and watched, allowing my husband to absorb everything. He also really enjoyed the fire play which was not a surprise to me. I have to say, he really took it all in and kept an open mind. He appeared relaxed and comfortable being there. I was amazed and ecstatic over this.

After all the festivities, it was time for bed. We were exhausted. Much to my surprise, the cabin was dark and all of our cabin mates were already asleep. We crawled into bed as quietly as we could, with me in the middle. Now here is where things got interesting.

I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking. All I know is that I had no motive here, really I was just messing around. My back was to Sir, and Hubby and I were facing each other. I accidentally brushed my hand against Hubby's cock, and then I couldn't resist. I started playing around a bit, stroking and caressing him just to see what kind of reaction I would get. I got the obvious reaction, he was hard within seconds. What I didn't get was the reaction I thought I would.....He didn't stop me.

Now I didn't even realize I was doing this, but at some point I must have started moving my hips. Sir had no idea at that time that I was messing around with Hubby, but he felt my hip movement and took that as his cue. Before I even knew what was happening, Sir mounted me from behind and pushed my head down into my husbands lap. I resisted initially because I was very worried about Hubby's reaction and if he would be ok with this. But Sir persisted. In one quick thrust he was inside of me, and with his hand, he held my head down until I took my husbands cock in my mouth. I was surprised that he was still hard. I guess I thought he would have been turned off, seeing me being fucked by another man.

I was still sucking him when Sir came inside of me, then got out of bed to go outside to smoke a cigarette. Hubby suddenly made me stop. I was working so hard to get him to cum and nothing! I persisted, but he was very forceful when he told me once again to stop. I relented, disappointed. At least until he kissed me, told me he loved me, and then mounted me. He was still fucking me when Sir returned. Afterwards, I lay there completely satiated and somewhat in shock. This was my first threesome. Hubby's first as well. I think it was also Sir's first, though he had in the past watched when he chose to share his former sub with others.

It was a late night, and unfortunately for us, our cabin mates were all early risers. In the morning when Hubby got a shower, he walked stark naked from bed, to the showers, and back again. I know I had the stupidest look on my face as I watched him. All I could think was "Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?". You see, prior to camp, he had made it very clear that he would not have sex with me due to the lack of privacy, nor would he be getting naked in front of others.

After breakfast, Sir and I went to a class on M/s relationships while Hubby went back to the cabin to take a nap. We had some nice alone time where we were able to reflect on the activities from the night before. Later, we all attended a class on single tail whips. Again, Hubby was very interested. So much so, that he was talking about buying his own to practice with. Truly, he is very much looking forward to the day when he can whip me. LOL, if someone would have bet me that this could happen, I'd have SO lost!

Later that evening, Sir took a walk so Hubby and I could have some alone time. We went for a nice long walk and talked about everything. How he was feeling, how I was feeling, on the events from the night before, the sampler circuit, the classes, the threesome.....everything. He was smiling a lot, he was relaxed, and he admitted that he was actually enjoying himself. We talked about the community in general, and how, more than anything, I wanted him to be able to see how polite, respectful, open minded, and welcoming everyone is. I thanked him for coming to camp (he did it for me, not because he wanted to). I let him know how appreciative I was that he was willing to try for me. I also assured him that no matter what decision he made after this, whether or not the lifestyle was for him, and no matter what capacity he chose to participate, or not participate at all, that I was ok with that, and that I loved him no matter what.

Later that night, we decided to pay a visit to the Carter Johnson Leather Library, to see "the most deviant pornographic perversions known to mankind". Hubby is a huge history buff, so he was interested in seeing a different sort of history. Sir really isn't a book person, but he enjoyed browsing through some stuff. I'm not really a history buff, but I spent the most time there. Browsing books and reading viewpoints from psychologists and others from decades past was quite fascinating. The oldest book there was from 1701. Amazing! Mama Vi is a wealth of knowledge, and I had such wonderful time getting to spend time talking with her. She is truly a generous woman. Generous with her time, her devotion, and her heart. After  speaking and seeing my interest in the psychological aspects of BDSM, within minutes she located and gave me a book from her library. I felt so honored! I was there for about an hour or so, and hadn't even noticed that both Hubby and Sir left. Sometime later, Hubby came back to check in on me. I thanked Mama Vi, and we left, hand in hand.

He was all smiles. I was all smiles. Really, we were quite goofy. We both shared that feeling again, just like when we first started dating. It was cold outside, about 50 degrees. It was also getting a bit late. As we were walking, we went past the pool. Jokingly, I said "Let's go skinny dipping!". Without hesitation he said ok! I looked at him dumbfounded and asked if he was serious. He replied with an enthusiastic "sure, why not". I couldn't believe it. This from the man who 1) emphatically said he would not be getting naked at camp and 2) can't swim and doesn't really like the water. Really, when I suggested it, I was only joking. It was cold out. It was dark. It was getting late. And I knew the water would be freezing. But hey, I was grabbing this spontaneous moment while I could. NO way was I going to back out. So we stripped down and I went in first praying he would follow. We were only in about 3-4 feet of water and it was beyond COLD! We were giggling like a bunch of children and having a great time anyway. We didn't last more than 10 minutes or so and out we went and dried off, still giggling away LOL.

Afterwards we met back up with Sir and headed up for a second night in the dungeon. We walked around and watched the many different scenes, but did not participate. I was really hoping that Hubby would be up for something small. I did throw out a couple of hints about a nearby spanking bench that was not being currently used in hopes that Hubby or Sir would command me to get on, but neither of them bated. I didn't want to pressure Hubby, and Sir was waiting for him to take the lead, being cautious not to go past his comfort zone. In all honesty, we were all too exhausted. It was almost midnight, and none of us had slept more than about 2-3 hours the night before.So we headed back to the cabin where we all slept soundly for the next 7-8 hours.

The next day was very  relaxed.  Most of our cabin mates packed up early and left. We took our time, deciding not to leave until after lunch. We took time to reflect, to talk, and to have a bit of fun. Sir and Hubby were goofing around with me, and darn if they didn't make plans in advance! Hubby held me down while Sir pulled down my skirt and painted the word "Bad" on my ass with cheese whiz. (I absolutely HATE cheese, can't even stand the smell of it) . So they got a good laugh out of my expense, and our remaining cabin mate got a good chuckle along with a picture of my ass with the cheese on it LOL. All in all, we had a relaxed good time.

On the way home, Hubby and I spent time talking about everything. He was just as surprised as me that he enjoyed the weekend. The lines of communication were open more than they ever were before. We both feel much closer and reconnected to each other. And we both agreed that our marriage was much stronger after camp.


NP Odyssey said...

Funny that second link (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality) and the small minded people who worry about this type of thing. Hope they are never my patient.

k!nkyNurse said...

Yes, this had created quite a stir. The library had visited a college in Chicago (it was approved by administrators) and it was then that the author of that article coined the library as "the most deviant pornographic perversions known to mankind". Yes, there is pornographic material in the library. But there is also ALOT of books about the history behind alternative lifestyles and sexuality in general. It's amazing to read stuff from generations ago.

Mama Vi shared with me some of her struggles in adding to her library. I was absolutely apalled about why she has to compete with religious groups and others when obtaining these books. These groups will purposely seek out, buy, or outbid others for these types of books, no matter the cost. The reason? Simply so they can burn the book because they don't believe it should be read by any person. Who the hell are they to have an opinion on what I should or should not read?