October 3, 2011

Rape Fantasy

Like many women, whether or not they admit it, I have rape fantasies. Due to his impotency problems, my former Sir was unable to indulge me in this. I had the offer and opportunity at the last camp event I attended, but was unable to indulge due to my husband's lack of comfort with trusting strangers (strangers to him, not me) with my safety. I completely understand where he is coming from and would probably feel the same way if the situation were reversed.

At camp, there was a "professional" crew who specialized in kidnapping. The kidnappee dictated the scenario, including limits and what they hoped to gain from the experience. The scene could be strictly scripted, or impromptu, left to the kidnappers discretion. All depending on what the kidnappee wanted. Many people were also present to observe and assist as needed. I stress, ALL limits are respected and safe words are in play at all times. Keep in mind, this is something that is consented by the "victim" in advance. There are official sign ups for the kidnappings that occur at camp.

I observed a few of these kidnappings, mostly with envy. These scenes were emotionally intense. There were always at least 4 kidnappers actively involved, one or two that didn't participate, they just helped make sure things ran smoothly. All of the "victims" were blindfolded, and mind fucks were common.

One thing I realized after observing, was that I could have my "rape" experience without actually having intercourse with another man. I could easily be led to believe otherwise if a realistic dildo were used, or dildos of varying sizes if a gang-bang type of rape were being simulated. It's something I'm thinking about for next year, provided my husband would be ok with it. It's an experience I long for. I know he can't comprehend it, but I hope that he will allow me to have the experience.

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