September 20, 2011


My husband spanked me for the first time ever last night. I mean, really spanked me. Enough to make my bottom warm and pink. I LOVED it. He admitted he enjoyed himself as well. I'm hoping it leads to some more regular activities, and dare I hope for a progression to further activities such as floggings or belt whippings?

I had asked him a few weeks ago to spank me. He didnt at that time. He was insecure and unsure of himself. He worried he wouldn't "do it right". He has yet to use the flogger I bought for him at camp. He also fears using it. He is afraid he won't "do it right" or that he will hurt me. I reassure as much as is appropriate. I think our latest activity boosted his ego a bit. I'm glad.


Stormy said...

If you liked it, he'll want to continue. Just tell him how much you love and admire him, and feel in awe of him when he dominates you.

We don't play at it, and I hate being spanked- but we have a 24/7 domestic discipline marriage.

Belts are not careful what you wish

Fallen Angel said...

I love being spanked. My husband is not dominant at all, but I've been working on it. I find that our spanking sessions boost his confidence each time and each one gets better than the last.

We use a paddle, but I do love the good old fashioned hand. I'm hoping to move on to other implements soon, but it's mostly what he's comfortable with right now.

Happy spanking!

William said...

Keep giving him positive reinforcement about it. Tell him how much it turns you on when he spanks you, and how much you want to be flogged. It will definitely convince him to try for you, and if you are very vocal about how turned on you are with it, he will be turned on too.