December 1, 2010

I'll Never Understand

A pediatric patient of mine refuses to eat. She is fed mostly through a feeding tube because of this. The goal is to attempt to get her to take as much of her feeding by mouth, then give whatever she doesn't eat through the feeding tube. So I'm talking to her mom about this and notice a small piece of a baby carrot on the child's bouncy chair tray. I pick it up and take it from her and explain the choking hazards to the mom. She just laughs while saying her son must have given it to her. Then she turns around and hands her daughter a BBQ chip. This patient is around 6 months old so I suggest to the mom that she feed her daughter either stage 1 baby foods or pureed table foods if she wants to give solids. The mom's reply? "But she'll lose weight! We want her to drink from her bottle!"


No matter how hard I tried to explain, I just couldn't get through. Instead, the child will be fed chips and have twice the amount of formula prescribed dumped down her tube "so she doesn't lose weight". No wonder she wont drink it from a bottle. Her poor little belly is stuffed.

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